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The best winter sports companies are run by those who take sports seriously. The maker of 686 snowboard pants is one such company. This brand is fully owned and operated by actual riders who are able to lend their experiences with snowboarding to the production team to create some of the best riding products on the market.

686 doesn’t make snowboards or bindings or any other such equipment, rather they are one hundred percent centered on the production of outerwear. This concentration allows for a much better focus on creating a top quality product. A lot of other companies who create both boards and clothing find themselves spread too thin and are incapable of creating both types of products to the highest standards.

But the success of 686 snowboard pants goes well beyond mere focus and concentration. These are people who know fashion–where it’s been and where it’s going. They take their inspiration from a number of places, not just from what people are wearing on the mountainside, but also from today’s youth street culture.

The youngsters of L.A. are major inspirations to 686 when it comes to fashion and design.

This is a company that is making more than a warm or dry pair of pants–they’re making a statement. And it’s one you should definitely listen to.

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The Bestselling 686 Snowboard Pants

To make sure that you have a good starting place–if you’re interested in picking up a pair of 686 snowboard pants–let’s take a look at a few of the bestselling products in the lineup. Interestingly enough, the top three sellers cover 75% of the snowboarding demographic, including pants for men, women, and girls.

But, if you’re looking for snowboarding pants for boys, don’t worry! 686 has a gigantic collection of snowboard pants, with several options for your young fellas.

The three models we will talk about include:

These are by no means the only pants for you to look at–and they aren’t necessarily the highest quality models in the catalog–but these are the ones that consumers buy the most often. It’s a great idea to use these as a jumping off point for your own search for the best 686 snowboard pants for you.

Smarty Original Cargo Men’s Snowboard Pants

686 is the home of a great many different innovations that have helped advance snowboard pants technology over the years. But perhaps their greatest achievements have been made in the area of layering and versatility.

These Smarty Original Cargo models are 3-in-1 pants, allowing for you to adjust between a number of different insulation options. There’s a fleece lining and a shell layer, each of which can be worn on its own or together, depending on the weather.

Another great feature of these 686 snowboard pants is the coating with which the nylon shell is treated. INFIDRY-15 is a 686 creation, making your pants as weatherproof and waterproof as they come, while at the same time maintaining the product’s breathability.

And of course, what pair of snowboard pants is any good without a million and one pockets? The Smarty Original Cargo pants have a number of zippered pockets for all your small-item-carrying needs.

Some of the Original Cargo’s best features include:

  • Built-in gaiters to keep your legs warm and dry
  • INFIDRY-15 high tech coating for the nylon shell
  • An included chamois cloth for your goggles

Learn more about Smarty Original Cargo Men’s Snowboard Pants

Mannual Brook Insulated Girls’ Snowboard Pants

It’s super important for your little girl to have a really great pair of snowboard pants. It may not seem as important as getting the right boots, board, or jacket, and to some degree maybe it isn’t, but finding the perfect pants is truly an important endeavor.

If your child has ill-fitting pants, it could hinder her development, make her more susceptible to injuries on the mountain, and maybe even make for an absolutely miserable ski trip if they aren’t breathable, warm, or waterproof enough.

Fortunately, the Mannual Brook Insulated pants from 686 are fantastic. And even more fortunately, they come fairly cheap. Priced at just under $100, these pants are both affordable and ridiculously fantastic to ride in.

A few of the Mannual Brook pants’ great features are:

  • INFIDRY-5 coating for the pants’ outer shell
  • Polyester fiber insulation — 80g
  • Extendable pants legs for child growth

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Reserved Lust Insulated Women’s Snowboard Pants

If you’re a lady looking for a new pair of snowboard pants, you need to make sure you get a model that’s made just for you. It may seem totally obvious, but it’s important to note: women’s bodies are geometrically very different from men’s bodies and require a pair of pants that are designed specifically for the female form.

There are countless brands out there that make women’s snowboard pants, but 686 has some of the best. These Reserved Lust pants offer a breathability, waterproofing, and warmth that is almost unequaled in the entire market.

These pants come with boot gaiters, attachments for compatible jackets, lower legs with expandable openings, and articulated knees for added flexibility.

The Reserved Lust’s other awesome features include:

  • INFIDRY-10 coating for waterproofing and breathability
  • Zipper leg vents for quick body heat release
  • Great many pockets, some of which include hand warmers

Learn more about Reserved Lust Insulated Women’s Snowboard Pants

A Short History of 686 Snowboard PantsThe 686 technical apparel company was created in 1992, but its genesis came long before then, when skateboard enthusiast Michael Akira West was approached by a friend about this new craze where you skate on top of the snow. Michael was immediately intrigued and began a lifelong romance with the winter sport. The company is named after a very important date in the life of Michael’s grandmother, and the three numbers also add up to the age Michael was when the company was formed. Since its inception, 686 has been on the forefront of snowboarding outerwear innovations, advancements, and fashions, crafting pants, boots, jackets, shirts, gloves, and much, much more.
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