Best 3 Kids Snowboarding Packages

Best 3 Kids Snowboarding PackagesStart ’em young, they say, to get ’em hooked. Maybe not so true with piano lessons, but with snowboarding it’s a must. It’s a fact of life that little tykes can’t strap on big boards and bomb down groomers. They’ll need something more their size to get them up to speed. Read on for a summary of the best 3 kids snowboarding packages.

Best 3 Kids Snowboarding Packages

Snowboarding packages for kids include board and bindings. Some even include boots. In the $200 to $350 range, these all-inclusive starter packs are a great way to get Mr. or Ms. Pintsize on the slopes in the most painless, gripe-free manner possible. We’re sticking to three package deals from K2, Burton and Ride Youth.

K2 Mini Turbo Grom Snowboard Package

With its Catch Free Rocker™ and Hybrilight™ Noodle Construction, the Mini Turbo board makes learning to ride a fun experience. There’s always a learning curve, and learning to carve doesn’t come without its share of spills.

The true twin shape of this board plus the raised rocker lets your little one make his turn without the board’s edge biting the snowy terrain. The contact points are intentionally kept off the snow, so he can turn more easily without fearing a faceplant, and this helps build riding confidence.

Other benefits of this board include:

  • Dual Progressive Shape—A forgiving sidecut radius on both sides minimizes the effects of turning mistakes, plus it’s a twin, so the little rider can practice his switches
  • W1 Core—Flexible, durable with plenty of snap, the Mini Turbo is light and strong with a consistently thick sidewall
  • Biax Glass Laminate—Structural fiberglass laminate offers smooth, easy-to-ride performance with a fast, strong extruded base

The Mini Turbo package also includes liner-less boots with EZ Feed ratchets, heel and tongue pulls and EVA insoles. Grom Chassis 2×4 bindings with highbacks and easy-to-operate Boa® tension knobs complete the package—a perfect combination for young, beginning to intermediate riders.

You can pick this bad boy up at:

Burton After School Special Snowboard Package

Another affordable option is the Burton After School Special package. Priced around 200 bucks, it’s a great way to introduce a child to the slopes. For the money you get the board, boots, bindings and a travel bag to conveniently hold everything.

Like the K2 Mini Turbo, the After School Special features a true twin shape for balanced, multidirectional riding. It’s got a nice rocker shape and catch-free edges so young riders don’t get frustrated from falling over too much.

Some details include:

  • Easy Rider™ Edge—Catch-free, beveled edges to help riders develop confidence without wiping out over and over again
  • Extruded Base—Fast, super-strong and easy to maintain, the smooth base ensures season-long use and features 28° slanted sidewalls to hold an edge
  • Room-to-Grow™ EVA Footbeds—Liner-less boots with cushioned, supportive footbed let child’s feet grow one full size without needing to change boots

The After School Special is flexible, with a saucer-like shape which allows the new rider to get the feel for the maneuvers. The bindings are easily flexed with cushioned highbacks and padded buckles. Single-strap entry and oversized buckles make getting on and off the board a breeze.

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Ride Youth Starter Pack Snowboard/Binding Package

An all-inclusive snowboarding package just for girls, the Ride Youth Starter Pack offers much the same as the K2 Mini Turbo and the Burton After School Special. A specially designed rocker that keeps the contact points off the snow and nearly-flat spots under the feet result in a smooth, catch-free ride.

The true-twin board is very flexible for a soft, forgiving ride, while the bindings feature an easy-to-use, V-shape strap setup for a secure fit.

Features include:

  • Thin Con Construction—Tapered tip and tail enhances flex and reduces weight while turning
  • Aluminum Chassis—EVA basepads and heel cups that adjust make bindings perfect mix of durability, weight and response
  • 1500-Grade Extruded Base—Lets you ride fast in every type of snow, it’s strong, and it’s easy to repair

While it doesn’t come with boots, the Ride Youth Starter Pack provides more than enough flexibility to accommodate a young rider who’s learning fast. Easy to strap on and off and very easy to stay upright, this snowboard/binding package is a great way for your little girl to gain her snow legs.

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So, What Do I Recommend?

There’s no reason to spend a fortune on a beginning snowboard for young riders. That’s what’s great about combo packages. Board and bindings (and sometimes boots) come together, giving your child everything he or she needs to start shredding.

Thanks to their designs, youth snowboards help beginners stay balanced and upright as they progress from one riding day to the next. Built with fast, durable extruded bases, forgiving, easy-to-turn edges and true twin shapes, kids’ snowboards are great decks to learn on and gain the confidence needed to push the limits and improve, all while making just a minor dent in mom and dad’s pocketbook.


  1. My small footed MersadiesRocks, size 2, is going to be on a competative team this year. I’m pretty sure she’s good with her burton bindings, but after 2 years she has grown out of her K2 Mini-Turbo Kids Boa boots, and needs a new board. The Burton zipline boots start at size 4. She loves the halfpipe and racing. Thoughts for good gear? Thanks!

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