Burton Hero

A great freestyle board, the Burton Hero is a super-playful, super-flex ride, great for turning tricks in the terrain park…no pun intended. The Hero packs plenty of pop for catching air, while its lightweight and curvy rocker design keeps your tips up in the thick stuff.

You can score this plank for around $300—a most excellent price for its versatility. Whether you’re a terrain park maven or an all-mountain shredder, the Hero won’t harsh your mellow, but this board definitely thrives among the jibs, rails and tabletops.

It doesn’t matter if your tip or tail is pointed downhill, the Hero’s directional twin design gives you the leverage to switch on a whim—a must-have in the pipe or park.

Burton Hero Snowboard: Overview

With any snowboard, your ride benefits from whatever stellar technology the designers employ. Typically, you want pop, stability, edge-carvability, speed, strength and superb shape, all in one board. That’s a tall order, to be sure, but the Hero is no villain and maximizes performance to save your day.

The technology Burton uses in this board reads like a laundry list of tubular terms, but it’s all designed to let you float downhill on what amounts to a piece of magic wood.

  • Hi-Voltage Jumper Cables—Super-strong carbon stringers allow the energy from your body’s downward force to flow outward to the board’s tip and tail which increases strength while improving upward pop
  • V-Rocker reverse camber design—Full-length, smile-like shape of board keeps your tips up and your ride playful to the extreme
  • Scoop tech—Exaggerated tip and tail feature extra-convex curve, resulting in added forgiveness when ripping through fresh pow and keeping you catch-free
  • Squeezebox tech—Wood composite core designed in optimized waves that move energy outward, improving pop
  • The Channel—Micro-adjust your stance both lengthwise and torsionally


One great advantage of the Burton Hero is its incredible flexibility. Rated 3 out of 10 on the flex scale, the board is buttery soft for effortless switches. The super-flex design also makes cutting turns easier to initiate.


Give and take…that’s a fact of the good life. With the gooeyness comes a lack of durability. The Hero will flex and bend like a champ, perfect for all your freestyle persuasions, but when pushed to the limit, it might not resist cracking. There are definitely stronger boards out there, but few that will give you this range of movement.


Get your freestyle on in a big way with this board from Burton, a true superhero of the hill. With its very forgiving, directional twin rocker design, it’s a great board for groms looking to hone their chops on the terrain park or in the halfpipe. The price is hard to beat, too. While you’ll likely graduate to a superior, more expensive board one day, this is as good a plank as any to start off with.


  • Style—Freestyle
  • Shape—Directional twin
  • Total length—149/152/155/158cm
  • Waist width—250/252/253/255cm
  • Effective edge—1125/1155/1185/1215mm
  • Sidecut radius—7.34/7.54/7.75/7.94m
  • Stance setback—Nada
  • Core—Superfly II wood composite
  • Base—Sintered
  • Camber—Reverse (rocker)

Customer Reviews

You won’t know for sure until you give the thing a ride, but here are a few juicy nuggets on how the Hero holds up in the fray:

Shredders Like:

  • Awesome terrain park performance
  • Super-noodle flexibility
  • Fast and furious

Shredders Dislike:

  • Not terribly durable
  • Not a great everyday board

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