Burton Process Flying V Snowboard

We here at TheSnowboardingExperts.com are seeing a trend emerge. All-mountain boards like the Burton Process Flying V snowboard are more popular than ever. That’s because riders know what the mountain has to offer, and they don’t like being confined to one part of it.

Super flexible and made for tearing up a terrain park, the Process Flying V scores middling grades in other areas of concern. Burton gets away with calling this board all-mountain. You can bomb through trees or shoot down a groomer, but the performance needs something. More spice, maybe.

At $420 for the latest model, it’s a good price for a board that’s as flexible as a noodle. It won’t stiffen over time and gives your ride a nice blend of rocker and camber for passable performance across the board…no pun intended.

Burton Process Flying V Snowboard: An Overview

With its primary rocker design, the Flying V is designed for catch-free rides in the park and through powder. Its design does incorporate a little camber in the profile, great for improving its edge and adding snap and pop (and some crackle) during turns.

The tip and tail of the board features an exaggerated scoop. This keeps you from getting bogged down in the pow and from catching a rut and ending up with a face full of hard pack.

Burton adds some additional techs into the Flying V’s design:

  • Smooth Ride™—Designed to minimize fatigue, these internal shock absorbers provide better control and lessen the effect of landing hard
  • 10:45 Sidewalls—Also designed to minimize and absorb pounding impact on aggressive rides
  • Channel Bolt Pattern—Micro adjust your bindings until the ride is comfortable and perfectly in tune with your height and stance


Burton performs a number of tricks at the factory before you ever get a chance to. First, the sintered base of the Flying V is made to be extra absorbent and then infused with a special, long-lasting wax that can last the whole season.

The board is intentionally overbuilt then well-broken in before it ever leaves the factory. This all but ensures prime pop and extra crispiness year after year.


On the downside, while the board is very flexible and great in the park, it could be faster, and it could be better in deep snow. Its design improves upon earlier models that had a hard time holding an edge, but it still has a tendency to slip, so it’s not a great carver and not a great freerider.


A true twin shape for switching up on the fly, the Burton Process Flying V snowboard is a great all-mountain board for beginning to intermediate riders who have a hankering for going freestyle.

Expert riders will want something more performance oriented in terms of true, high-intensity versatility, but the Flying V will definitely help budding shredders earn their wings.


  • Style—All-mountain, freestyle
  • Shape—Directional twin
  • Gender—Men’s
  • Total length—155/157/159/162cm
  • Waist width—25.1/25.2/25.5/25.7cm
  • Effective edge—119.5/121.5/123.5/126.5cm
  • Sidecut radius—7.91/8.06/8.2/8.39m
  • Stance setback—1.25cm
  • Core—Wood
  • Construction—Sandwich
  • Bolt pattern—Channel

Custy Reviews

What do other riders have to say about the Flying V? In summary, the following:

Shredders Like:

  • Great on rails
  • Super flexible
  • Easy to initiate turns
  • Easy to switch
Shredders Dislike:

  • So so on powder
  • Not fast enough
  • Edge control not great

Where to Buy

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