Capita Ultrafear FK

Fear no gnarly chute, groomer or floaty pow-covered hill on the Capita Ultrafear FK. And the park? You’ll own it outright or faceplant trying. This deck is a buttery ride for intermediate to advanced riders, but the groms needn’t worry—they’ll get there soon enough.

One of the coolest things about this $315 board are its stellar graphics. The freaky, eye-popping design is urban collage art at its finest, featuring dope chunks of other Capita board designs. It’s a smash-up of every bit of wild clip art the manufacturer has to offer.

The Ultrafear FK is a true twin, meaning it’s built to tear up a terrain park, jibbing and spreading butter with ease. You’ll find it a more versatile ride, though—stable when bombing down groomers and extra floaty on powder.

Capita Ultrafear FK Snowboard: Overview

Let’s take a look at the technology the Ultrafear FK boasts. All that matters is how the board handles in the elements, but you’ll want to know the details so you can brag about them to your friends.

  • DS Select RFC Core—Flexible and uniform, the wood that makes up the core of this board is smooth and solid with no irregularities, designed to maximize strength and shock absorption
  • E Class Custom Weave Laminates—Thanks to this resin-and-glass weave, the board is stronger despite its thinner wood core, resulting in a lighter, more pop-tastic ride
  • Wax-Infused Sintered Base—With this high-heat, high-pressure manufacturing process, your base stays dry and fast—like a good, fresh waxing—without having to apply any wax


This board scores a 5 on the butter scale, making it a great freestyle ride. It’ll flex with the best of them, but it won’t tweak or feel too wobbly when bombing at high speeds.

The base is flat from foot to foot, and you’re centered, making for easy switching and keeping you extra stable at groomer speeds. At the tip and tail, though, you’ll benefit from the rocker shape which lets you float effortlessly atop the fluffy clouds of snow.


About the only knock on the Ultrafear FK is its lack of super-steel durability. The thinner wood core is lighter and faster, but it can also feel a bit like riding a popsicle stick. You probably won’t be running slalom courses on this board or going for sheer speed, but who cares? Hit the terrain park, bro!


You’ll definitely appreciate the colorful graphics of the Capita Ultrafear FK. That alone shouldn’t be what piques your interest, but it’s a nice touch. This true twin freestyle board offers great flex and is great for jibbing.

Don’t get attached to one particular board, though. Since the Ultrafear FK is a somewhat limited model, it might not be around when you’re ready to buy. Missing your chance to purchase one of these decks, we’d say, is about all you have to fear.


  • Style—Freestyle
  • Shape—True twin
  • Total length—147/151/153/155/157cm
  • Waist width—24.8/25.2/25.35/25.5/25.6cm
  • Effective edge—1110/1145/1160/1180/1200mm
  • Sidecut radius—7.5/7.7/7.86/7.9/8.06m
  • Maximum stance setback—23/24/24/25/25in
  • Core—Poplar, beech
  • Construction—Custom weave laminate
  • Base—Sintered
  • Bolt pattern—4 x 2
  • Camber—Rocker

Custy Reviews

You already know this true twin is great in the terrain park, but here’s a few more things riders have reported:

Shredders like:

  • Lifts well in the pow
  • Base doesn’t need waxing
  • Buttery flex
  • Good speed

Shredders dislike:

  • A bit wobbly at higher speeds
  • Lacks durability on topsheet
  • Edge too sharp; needs to be detuned

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