GNU Impossible

Take your riding to the next level with the GNU Impossible snowboard, a sweet, scintillating plank perfect for advanced and expert shredders. The board features a medium flex from 5 to 5.7 depending on the total length—a good combo of stiff and buttery, making it an optimal all-mountain ride.

At $800, you might have to pack baloney sandwiches and eat ramen noodles for dinner all season—but hey, at least you’ve got gnarly gear. GNU boards are made in the U.S.A., so your benjamins aren’t being exported, bro. And for you tech wonks, GNU offers kickin’ specs, too, with lots of details to impress the literates. Read on to learn what’s up with this sled.

GNU Impossible Snowboard: Overview

Impossible is nothing with this plank, an asymmetrical twin featuring an innovative mix of rocker between your bindings and camber at the nose and tail. The design helps you float over the freshies and bomb the couloirs after the pow is all chopped up.

Pickle sidecut technology maximizes the board’s asymmetrical design, balancing the distinct mechanics necessary for making heelside and toeside cuts. The theory is that because your body isn’t symmetrical, the board shouldn’t be either.

  • Magne-Traction™—In addition to the serrated edges which slice through even icy snow like rare filet mignon, this technology adds seven bumps along each sidewall, all of them strategically sized and spaced
  • Magnesium fiber laminates—Superhero strong, supermodel light and incredibly flammable, these laminates help optimize your ride
  • EC2 Banana Tech (BTX)—Hybrid camber-rocker-camber design, with elliptical tips and a banana-shaped center for the best of both design styles
  • Phosphorescent sidewalls—Dope sidewalls actually contain phosphors, tiny nuggets that emit light when revved up and let you glow in the dark


It might take a while getting used to the Impossible’s asymmetry, but after a few turns your body will get accustomed to the ergonomics. You’ll appreciate the greater edge control through your heelside turns—your body’s natural inclination. For every zig there’s a zag, and for the toeside cuts the board maximizes finesse, which results in better balance.


This board’s only disadvantages are the same as its advantages. For jeaners and joeys, the Impossible will likely prove too awkward. Don’t go out and drop almost a grand on this board if you’re just beginning with the sport.

If you’re advanced but strictly a park junkie or jib seeker, the Impossible might not be the choice. Likewise, if you just like to nuke it over and over again in your alien lid, you should pick up a stiffer board made for speed.


An all-mountain opus from GNU, the Impossible makes a bizness out of defying convention. The company calls it “balance thru asymmetry”—we call it tognar. Once you get used to the sled’s quirky design, you’ll love the effortlessness of your cuts and butters. All in all, a great ride for the extra ducats you’ll spend.


  • Style—All mountain
  • Use—Asymmetrical twin
  • Flex—Medium
  • Total length—152/155/159cm (wide models available)
  • Waist width—251/253/255mm
  • Effective edge—1130/1160/1190mm
  • Sidecut radius—7.9/8/8.1m (8.2/8.3/8.35m for wide)
  • Stance setback—20-26in
  • Core—Columbian gold renewable wood
  • Base—Sintered
  • Recommended rider weight—120-200/130-210/140-220lbs

Custy Reviews

If you’re not used to it, the Impossible’s distinct edges might throw you for a loop, but give it some time. Here are a few choice quotes from your fellow riders:

Shredders Like:

  • Great all-mountain board
  • Mellow performance
  • Fun and fast

Shredders Dislike:

  • Deeper heel-edge sidecut takes while to adjust
  • Average performance on the jibs

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