GNU Riders Choice C2 BTX ASYM Snowboard

GNU Rider's Choice C2 BTX ASYM SnowboardIf you’re going all-mountain, by all means go all-mountain, and don’t hold anything back. The GNU Riders Choice C2 BTX ASYM snowboard was born with a love of groomers and pow and needs a healthy balance of the two to be happy.

Asymmetrical from side to side, the board handles well in all types of snow. It’s as easy to carve across groomed mountainsides as it is to float lightly on powder. The sidecut radius of the board is a wee-bit tighter on the heel side, making those turns easier to ride through.

The 2013 model retails for about $540, but you’ll get every penny’s worth of enjoyment out of it. Thanks to its ultra wax-absorbent base, the board needs less maintenance so you can spend more time getting your money’s worth.

The price is pretty average, but if you’re new to the sport, make sure you read our review to get a better idea what the thing brings to the mountain. Read up on some other snowboards to get an idea of what’s available.

GNU Rider’s Choice C2 BTX ASYM Snowboard: An Overview

Available in four different lengths, the latest Rider’s Choice board is what’s called a true twin, meaning you can ride regular or you can ride switch-foot. The board is fast on groomed runs, makes precise toe-side and heel-side cuts look easy and pops nicely off the topography.

GNU melds a fantastic array of techs to bring you a sleek, speedy board that lights up runs and backcountry bowls alike.

  • Banana Traction Technology—Great edge control on both sides, with nice float in the soft stuff
  • Mervin AG1 Sustainable Core—Genetically altered aspen wood is used inside, a lightweight, strong and sustainable alternative to other types of wood
  • Sintered 9900 Base—Fast, super-strong and very wax absorbent
  • Magne-Traction—Wavy edge provides better traction, with seven contact points on both sides of board for superb handling and control no matter how unforgivable the snow


One big advantage of the new GNU Rider’s Choice is in its name: choice. It’s not a directional freerider but a true twin, so you can rotate your body with ease and fear no catches. The camber from the outside of each foot to the tip and tail is ideal for making sharp cuts, while the rocker ‘tween the feet provides exceptional float in deep snow while letting you maintain momentum.

It’s also a great board for beginners, as it’s easy to turn and somewhat forgiving over dicey, icy spots.


The sintered base of the GNU Rider’s Choice ensures a tone of speed and keeps its wax coat for longer, but let’s face it, the board is easier to damage.

The price might be prohibitive, but only for beginners. $540 isn’t too much to pay for a true pro like the Rider’s Choice.


A great choice for one-board riders, the GNU Rider’s Choice C2 BTX ASYM is an optimal combination of floaty and fast. There is no part of the mountain you can’t hit time and again on this plank. The board is stable from end to end, has nice pop and channels power to the edges for deep, in-control carves.


  • Style—All-mountain
  • Shape—True twin
  • Gender—Men’s
  • Total length—154.5/157.5/158/162cm
  • Waist width—24.8/25.3/26.8cm
  • Effective edge—118/120/122.5cm
  • Sidecut radius—7.7/7.8/8m
  • Core—Mervin AG1 aspen wood
  • Construction—Sandwich
  • Bolt pattern—2×4

Custy Reviews

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Shredders Like:

  • All-mountain versatility
  • Nice float
  • Great for aggressive ridin
Shredders Dislike:

  • Gets beat up easily

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