K2 Happy Hour

Looking to kill a hill? Looking for the one board to rule them all? Then look no further than the K2 Happy Hour, a great all-mountain deck for aggressive, intermediate to advanced riders.

This stabby twin—as the company calls it because of its unique shape at the tips—can be yours for about $480. The Happy Hour ranks medium to high on all the testing points. About the only less-than-adequate aspect of the board is jibbing. This beast is no terrainiac, so look elsewhere if that’s your forte.

On the groomers, over jumps and when bombing, the Happy Hour rocks. It’s good to great in powder, and riding switch is no sweat for the butternuts.

K2 Happy Hour Snowboard: Overview

Most riders, we find, want a plank that will handle well over the whole mountain. Grommets love the parks, and for them there are far mellower boards. The Happy Hour is a perfect blend for more versatile riders who want flex, pop and speed in one package.

As you know, our reviews don’t shirk the tech. We want our readers to know what a board brings to the table, so here goes:

  • Flatline® profile—Designed for balance and high-speed stability, the 100% flat base of the Happy Hour is super smooth and a savvy turner right out of the lodge
  • Tweekend™—Modified tip and tail gives you more board to ride
  • Ollie Bar™—Fitted with a pure carbon insert pre-shaped with camber, this feature adds pop to the board’s presence
The base is sintered, meaning less waxing and more speed when properly maintained. For a sintered base, too, the Happy Hour is exceptionally durable.


The Happy Hour kills the groomers and has good speed. It’s also stable enough to nuke any manicured slope. Some riders, especially advanced ones, would rather get a day job than stick to the groomed runs, though.

The twin, centered-stance design with its flat camber shape is no slouch in the pow, but it doesn’t excel like a true rocker does when you’re knee deep in snow. Still, the Happy Hour is a fun, all-around ride that will take you down any hill, but you might have to work a little harder to get through the bogeys.


One glaring shortcoming of this board is in turn initiating. Any way we look, flat camber boards just don’t really cut it when it comes to wide-radius carving.

Flex, too, might leave you wanting more. It’s a bit stiff, and we give it a 5 out of 10 on our butter scale, with 10 being liquid and 1 being like trying to spread a cold pat over dry toast. It’s a twin, though, and it switches, it’s just not as mellow as other decks.


Long story short: if you ride to jib, carve out wide swaths of the mountain or flex your acumen through powdery backcountry troughs, go with something else—something more flexible with a bomb-a$$ rocker shape.

If you’re at home moving from one side of the mountain to the other, hitting groomers, trees, powder and a few kickers with regularity, the K2 Happy Hour is a great choice. It’s fast and stable, too, so you can nuke it without losing your junk.


  • Style—All-mountain/freestyle
  • Shape—Directional twin
  • Profile—Flat camber
  • Flex—Medium
  • Total length—151/154/157/159/161cm
  • Waist width—24.7/24.9/25.1/25.3/25.5cm
  • Effective edge—114.51/117.05/119.59/122.13/124.67cm
  • Sidecut radius—7.7/7.8/7.9/8.0/8.1m
  • Stance setback—Centered
  • Core—Wood/polyurethane

Custy Reviews

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Shredders Like:

  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Versatile

Shredders Dislike:

  • Too stiff for jibs
  • Poor turn initiation/carving
  • Edge control not great on ice

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