Best Signal Snowboards

The best Signal Snowboards carve the future. Read our Signal snowboard reviews of the Signal Park, Omni, Vita & more! Learn why they’re snowboarding’s future.

This isn’t the dawning of the Age of Signal Snowboards–we’re already living in the middle of it.

Signal is a company founded by professional boarders, artists, musicians, and other creators of cool. They sketched out–from the get go–what’s wrong with snowboards being made today, and devoted their brand to fixing those issues.

But not just that–Signal is an innovative brand that will never be satisfied with merely addressing old issues. Instead, they are always looking to the future to see what innovations and technologies may further the sport.

Signal has their eyes on tomorrow. And if you have any interest in where the future of snowboarding is headed, you should definitely have your eyes on Signal.

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Best Signal Snowboards: Reviews of Top Selling Models

What isn’t to like about Signal Snowboards? They make awesome products, they constantly push the envelope in terms of innovation and development, and they’ve set themselves up as a worldwide social network, constantly keeping a pulse on the snowboarding scene through Twitter, Facebook, and a whole host of other instant media.

This is a company that cares about what you want. This is a company that works to make you happy. This is a company to pay attention to.

In terms of social responsibility, Signal Snowboards has become something of a shining star in the industry. They’ve kept their manufacturing local, employing stateside designers, researchers, technicians, and carpenters to build every one of their boards.

They also take into account what the consumers think. By making public their constant testing of products via the online video series “Every Third Thursday”, you have a direct say in what Signal should be working on and what they should leave on the cutting room floor.

The company is truly a collaborative effort, and the models that come out of that collaboration should be an inspiration to snowboarding companies the world over, both fledgling and veteran.

While there are a number of different types of snowboards that come out of the small factory–run by an amazing 12 workers–most of them have the same feature that has almost become a calling card for the company: a super soft flex.

Dave Lee, the founder, knows how to ride a snowboard. The legend of the sport has said that there’s nothing better than riding a soft flex stick, as it is the most comfortable and responsive style of any board out there.

But there are other reasons Signal is at the top of their game.

To get a better idea of just what those are, we’ll take a look below at three of the bestselling Signal Snowboards on the market today:

  • Signal Park Series Snowboard
  • Signal Omni Series Snowboard
  • Signal Vita Rocker Snowboard

A fair warning: once you’ve taken a closer glimpse at these astounding models, you may never look back at Burton snowboards or Gnu snowboards again. More than likely, you will be converted.

Signal Park Snowboard Review

Here’s the straight up deal: There may be no better terrain park-riding board out there. Period. T

he Park Series snowboard from Signal is made for the variety of surfaces you’ll encounter when you’re doing your freestyling thing. From pipes to rails, cars to benches, whatever it is you want to use as a prop to your sick tricking style, the Park will be there to make it happen.

One of the reasons this is such a fantastic freestyle board is its great durability. With Magnum ABS sidewalls and Durasurf sintered base, this board can take a beating with the best of them, without showing an ounce of strain.

Some more of the Signal Park snowboards best features include:

  • Silkscreened glass top
  • Biaxial glass on both sides of the core
  • Reversing grain in the all-wood poplar core for added pop and muscle
  • Wide stance options for better control

Learn more about the Signal Park Snowboard

Signal Omni Snowboard Review

This is the every-board for the every-man. The Omni is a true all-mountain shredder that will absolutely destroy every part of the resort you decide to board on–and even a few of those that are off the map.

With the Signal-exclusive Wavelength technology (a rocker and camber combo construction), you will never have to worry about losing your cool in the powder again. You’ll float through the pow-pow with the best of them.

But this is far more than a powder runner. Take it on the groomed, between the trees, through the crud, and even in the park–the Omni is everything a board should be for everywhere you want to go.

A few of the Signal Omni’s better features are:

  • Directional twin shape
  • Durasurf sintered base
  • Biaxial and Triaxial fiberglass around the core
  • Tip-to-tail all-wood poplar core

Learn more about the Signal Omni Snowboard

Signal Vita Rocker Snowboard Review

Calling all park-loving ladies: you need this board!

Forget the Burton Feather snowboard with its all-mountain values–the Vita Rocker is meant for the wild tricks you have hidden up your sleeves when you step into the park.

The unique 3-stage rocker technology allows for awesomely fluid movement that is beyond controllable. Whether you just want to cruise down a straight-away or tear it up in the pipes, the Vita Rocker has got to be your weapon of choice.

The wickedly awesome Signal Vita Rocker also features:

  • Narrow waist and proportional geometry specific for women
  • Clear windows to the core
  • All-wood poplar core with a standard profile
  • Sintered die-cut base

Learn more about the Signal Vita Snowboard

Signal Snowboards: Summary

This is a company that knows what you want and works tirelessly to make it for you. The guys and gals at Signal founded their company around the idea that snowboard manufacturing isn’t so much a business as an art, and they’ve proven time and again that they’re absolutely right about that.

While there may be other brands with better products available on the market, there sure aren’t many. If you have the chance–and a bit of cash on hand–you should definitely take a closer look at Signal, no matter what your boarding style may be.

This is a brand that demands your undivided attention. Yes, they really are that good.

The History of Signal SnowboardsIn 2003, Dave Lee and Co. sat down with some vino and a pad of paper and wrote down everything they thought was wrong with the snowboard-making business–and what they would do differently. Signal Snowboards was founded in 2004 in Huntington Beach, California, and began by putting its money where its mouth was.In just a few short years, Signal has risen to the top of the boarding food chain, offering some of the most original, powerful, and ride-able boards in the world. In an effort to keep themselves always moving forward, Signal has created an enormous global presence through social media, posted tri-weekly short films called “Every Third Thursday” to publicly test new products, and even begun their own line of coffee beans.
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