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Before plopping down a few hundred bucks on a board, read our ratings of the best snowboards.

Reviews include K2, Burton, Rossignol & other top brands.

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Our Reviews: #-M

Logo Brand Price Range

5150 Snowboards
5150 Snowboards $229.95 – $299.95

Arbor Snowboards
Arbor Snowboards $239.93 – $694.95

Atomic Snowboards
Atomic Snowboards $269.95 – $349.95

Avalanche Snowboards
Avalanche Snowboards $200.00 – $299.95

Burton Snowboards
Burton Snowboards $169.95 – $1499.95

Capita Snowboards
Capita Snowboards $248.95 – $549.95

DC Snowboards
DC Snowboards $262.95 – $540.00

Flow Snowboards
Flow Snowboards $150.00 – $499.99

GNU Snowboards
GNU Snowboards $199.95 – $849.95

Head Snowboards
Head Snowboards $179.95 – $518.95

K2 Snowboards
K2 Snowboards $159.95 – $899.95

LaMar Snowboards
LaMar Snowboards $229.95 – $649.99

Lib Tech Snowboards
Lib Tech Snowboards $329.00 – $2499.95

M3 Snowboards
M3 Snowboards $299.95 – $429.00

Morrow Snowboards
Morrow Snowboards $225.00 – $329.95

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Our Reviews: N-Z

Logo Brand Price Range

Never Summer Snowboards
Never Summer Snowboards $219.95 – $999.99

Nitro Snowboards
Nitro Snowboards $209.95 – $649.95

Option Snowboards
Option Snowboards No Longer Carried

Rossignol Snowboards
Rossignol Snowboards $109.93 – $549.95

Roxy Snowboards
Roxy Snowboards $169.95 – $539.95

Salomon Snowboards
Salomon Snowboards $149.95 – $649.99

Santa Cruz Snowboards
Santa Cruz Snowboards $249.95 – $665.95

Signal Snowboards
Signal Snowboards $329.95 – $459.95

Silence Snowboards
Silence Snowboards $229.95 – $399.95

Sims Snowboards
Sims Snowboards $250.00 – $599.95

Stepchild Snowboards
Stepchild Snowboards $198.95 – $449.95

Technine Snowboards
Technine Snowboards $199.95 – $699.99

Unity Snowboards
Unity Snowboards $329.00 – $2499.95

Volkl Snowboards
Volkl Snowboards $299.95 – $429.00

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How to Find the Best Snowboards Using Our Reviews

Here’s a peek at some of the best-reviewed snowboards on the market today. Even if you don’t fall head over heels for these particular models, you’ll at least have an excellent place to start looking for love.

Best K2 Snowboards

K2 is a company best known for their skis and skiing-related products, but their snowboards are not to be overlooked. In fact, K2 snowboards are among the best in the world.

Cheaper than Burton snowboards, but still on the expensive side, the sticks K2 rolls out of their factory are responsive, stable, durable, and very user-friendly. You could do a lot worse than K2, but not much better. The top 3 bestsellers include:

  • Fastplant Snowboard— The Fastplant is an ultralight board that can absolutely tear it up in the park. Jibbing, jumping, spinning–whatever you like to do, the Fastplant will help you do it.
  • Moment Snowboard— The Moment is one of the best beginner boards for women on the market. It’s super stable but also fantastically responsive. For ladies looking to graduate quickly from novice to expert, start here.
  • Raygun Snowboard— This is a great all-mountain board, perfect for those riders who like to do some park-tricking in the morning, slope-running after lunch, and powder-hounding in the afternoon. This one goes everywhere.

Bestselling Rossignol Snowboards

Also mostly famous for their skiing gear, Rossignol, like K2, can make a mean board, too. Rossignol’s models are very decently designed planks, up there with several K2 boards, but they’re priced at a much more affordable level. Anyone can purchase Rossignol snowboards. Rossignol makes a variety of boards for a variety of different riders, but it’s their kids’ line that takes top prize. Outfit your young riders here.

  • Alias Kids’ Snowboard— Most kids’ boards are of the generic, all-mountain variety. It’s safe to say that most kids don’t know what kind of rider they are until they’ve graduated to a larger board. But for those who already know that they love the park, there’s the Alias, a jibbing wonder made just for young riders.
  • Scan Kids’ Snowboard— The Scan offers perhaps the best value in kids’ snowboards in the entire industry. For just a little more than $100, your kids can tear up the park with the best of them.
  • Angus Snowboard— Different from the last two, the Angus is actually geared for adults. This is a great beginner board for those who need to save a little dough, but still want a good quality stick.

Top Burton Snowboards

Burton is, hands down, the best manufacturer of snowboards and snowboard-related equipment and gear in the industry today. Their prices may be a bit higher than much of the competition, but the amount of quality you get for it makes the stick worth every penny you spend–and then some.

There are more than 60 models to choose from in the Burton catalogue, which means that your chances of finding the perfect plank for your style are very good indeed.

Here’s a brief look at Burton top 3 bestselling boards:

  • Custom Flying V— This is a very light and super responsive Burton Custom model that loves to play in the powder all the live-long day.
  • TWC Smalls Kids’— Burton doesn’t look down on young riders–they look them right in the eyes. All the best features of their adult boards can be found in their kids’ ones, too, because Burton understands that in order to become a great rider, you need a great board. The TWC Smalls is a great board.
  • Sherlock Snowboard— For those who like to get away from the groomed stuff and investigate the backcountry, the Sherlock is Burton’s premier off-road vehicle. This stick will make an avid explorer out of you.

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